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Do you want to increase your results?

Increasing the results of the company is not an easy task, for this, strategies must be implemented that allow increasing income and reducing expenses.


Next, we analyze three methods that allow us to obtain the expected increase:




Most companies pay income tax (IRAE) on the fiscal results obtained.

The IRAE rate is 25%, being an important percentage to consider.

Currently there are several tax benefits that allow reducing the IRAE for the year.


Among them it is worth highlighting:


  • Increased expense deductions

  • Investment exemption

  • Investments that are considered expenses


Another aspect to consider is the deduction of expenses.

Expenses in the IRAE are deductible if they meet the following conditions:


  • are necessary to obtain and keep income,

  • are accrued in the year,

  • are properly documented and

  • the counterpart pays some income tax (IRPF, IRNR, IRAE or a tax abroad)


When the expenses constitute, for the counterpart, income taxed by IRPF in category I of said tax (Capital Income and Capital Increases), or income taxed by IRNR, the deduction will be limited to the amount that arises from applying to the expense the Quotient between the maximum rate applicable to the income of said category in the corresponding tax (12% or 25% in certain cases) and the IRAE rate (25%).


When hiring a supplier, its situation must be taken into account, since its condition affects the deduction of the expense in the IRAE.


With proper tax planning it is possible to reduce income tax.


Operating expenses


In the times when companies have to be increasingly efficient, for this it is necessary to carry out a correct business management of their expenses.


Business management will allow them to identify where they are not being efficient and they can take action to correct it.


Today, the ideal conditions exist, thanks to information technology, for companies to start growing by reducing the operating costs of their businesses.


This is possible with the implementation of a system in the company (it can be software) that reduces processes, generates precise results and speeds up decision-making.


It is very important to have accurate and timely information that allows us to identify where to reallocate resources, which products or services are more profitable and where we can reduce operating expenses.


Companies must use management indicators to measure performance based on previously set objectives, allowing them to identify if they are on the right track or have negative deviations to react on time.


By not basing your decisions on real performance indicators, any goal you set will be a mere improvisation that can result in losses.



Commercial strategies


Getting customers who want to buy your product or service is an important part of the entire sales process. If your goal is to increase sales, then you need to find out which business strategy will be effective.


In the first place, you must know what the target audience is, more specifically, the market niche, and obtain information from it, such as their needs, their interests, among other characteristics to determine how to add value to them with the products. or services offered.


Second, a commercial strategy must be defined, in which potential clients are shown that a solution to their problems is being provided.


You need to develop active listening to determine why you are not being hired, feedback should be used as useful information to redefine the strategy.


Do you often get rejected by potential customers for your price?


Are there specific solutions from the competition that tend to be easier to win over new customers?



You need to refine your approach to gradually increase your closing rate.



At MRC & Asociados we offer a comprehensive service, which allows companies to redirect towards obtaining an increase in their results.

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